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The John & Annie Glenn Museum
Experience History!

Our Mission

The mission of the John and Annie Glenn Museum is to honor the lives of John and Annie Glenn and their hometown roots. Additionally, to serve as an educational center; to collect a museum of articles of historical and educational interest and significance; and to preserve these intact for future generations.

“Annie and I have experienced one third of American history."

John Glenn

Our Exhibits

Living History

The first floor of the museum provides a living history experience in which the guest is transported through time and a period actor will welcome them into the home as if they have just popped by for a visit.

Annie Gallery

Though Annie Glenn never held residence within the home, this room is dedicated to her life and legacy. Visitors will learn how Annie was a loving wife, gifted musician, and passionate advocate who impacted the world outside of her husband's orbit.

John's Bedroom

See where the dream of flight first took hold. From model airplanes hung in midair to a rope bed with a feather mattress, visitors get a feel for what John's every day life was like as he yearned for the stars.

Upcoming Events

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